On Sunday 12th September 2010, I went into labour at just 32.5 weeks gestation, 4 hours 19mins later I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Georgia Louisa, weighing only 3lb 7oz.
Our baby girl was admitted to the Winnicott Neonatal Unit at St Mary's Hospital Paddington where her survival hung in the hands of the doctors and nurses. The situation we found ourselves to be in seemed very surreal, like a whirlwind, and upon seeing Georgia wired up in an incubator with machines bleeping away was very overwhelming.  Somehow though you see past this and knowing that she was receiving the best possible care from such talented and dedicated staff helped to give us peace of mind.  Slowly she started to improve, though for every small step forward, there seemed to be three backwards, as she fought a series of infections.
After 2 days in Intensive Care she was moved to The High Dependency Unit where she stayed for 10 days and the prognosis started to look good.  The nurses showed us how to care for Georgia on a daily basis as it was very daunting looking after someone so small and fragile, their encouragement gave us the confidence we needed. We liked the fact that the option was there for us to visit the unit 24/7 which my husband did on many occasions.  He would drive there in his pyjamas at midnight just to give our little princess a good night kiss. We often woke during the night so we could phone the nurses to see what sort of a night she was having and not once were we ever made to feel uncomfortable for calling them.
At various times Georgia came out of her incubator for a much needed cuddle with her mummy and daddy.  We particularly loved the kangaroo care best when she would just lay against our chest, that was our favourite time of the day.
Over the next two weeks Georgia came on leaps and bounds and finally at the end of September was allowed home from the Special Care Unit.
Georgia is now 14 months old or 12 months corrected, and is a happy and healthy baby. To look at her you would never know she was a premature baby, Michael and I owe the Winnicott Unit an amazing debt for providing the most amazing care for our little girl which we are eternally grateful for. Every premature baby deserves the best start in life…