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Their Stories

Finn's story
We are eternally grateful to the immaculate care that was given to Finn during his two months in the unit. Obviously it was a difficult and frightening time for us all and I feel very lucky that he was born at St Mary’s and that there happened to be a space for him upstairs.
Georgia's story
On Sunday 12th September 2010, I went into labour at just 32.5 weeks gestation, 4 hours 19mins later I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Georgia Louisa, weighing only 3lb 7oz. Our baby girl was admitted to the Winnicott Neonatal Unit at St Mary's Hospital Paddington where her survival hung in the hands of the doctors and nurses. The situation we found ourselves to be in seemed very surreal, like a whirlwind, and upon seeing Georgia wired up in an incubator with machines bleeping away was very overwhelming.
Joe’s story
Late on Sunday 5th of June 2005 Sara went into labour at just 25 weeks gestation. The next day Sara was moved to St Mary’s and 12 hours later gave birth to Joseph and Thomas, born at only 1 pound and 4 ounces and 1 pound and 2 ounces
William & Sally’s Story
William and Sally were born at 28 weeks’ on the 26th of March 1984 weighing 2lbs each.
Alice & William's story
Our experience with the Winnicott was like that of the dozens of families who find themselves in the same situation every month. Our tiny fragile twins, Alice and William, 8 weeks premature were whisked away from us before we had the chance to touch them and taken somewhere unknown and frankly terrifying, their tiny bodies covered with wires and tubes.
Dylan's story
The first 20 weeks of our pregnancy were sheer bliss. Wondering who our twins would be and what they would become whilst looking forward to the scans that gave us a little glimpse into their world. But at our 21 week scan our world was turned upside down as we learned that one of our lovely twins had unfortunately passed away.
A story about a future: Martha
Hello, my name is Martha and I am now four months old, or two months corrected, as my mother would say. I’m not sure what that means other than that it makes me a bit special. I came into this world, at rather short notice, on the 10th of November last year. Rather cheekily I started kicking my way out after only 29 weeks of gestation.
Sam's story
Sam was a full term 8lb baby. He suffered total lung failure and had to be moved to Great Ormond Street to be put on a lung bypass machine.
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