How your donations help

winnicott“The charity attached to the unit helps families above and beyond what is expected of an ordinary NHS unit − because of them we were able to function as a family unit and were able to spend as much time with our son as was humanly possible. They do this for families day in, day out. They have thought about what happens to the families as well as simply employing the medical skills necessary to look after these babies born too soon and too sick.”
− Emma , mother of Harrison 

How your donations make a difference to premature and sick babies and their families:

What we need funds for now…

The Winnicott Foundation is grateful for all donations which help us to provide equipment, training, services and support to improve care for premature and sick babies. Donations that can be used where the current need is greatest help us to manage funds more easily, but if you would like to support a particular project, or to discuss funding an item of equipment, please contact Sheena Mason at for more information.  

Here are some of the areas where we have current or ongoing needs;

New family accommodation at St Mary's

We are expanding the neonatal unit at St Mary's to care for more premature and sick babies and need to raise £120,000 to create six new parent bedrooms so parents can stay close to their babies whilst they are being cared for in the neonatal. If ytou would like to make a donation towards this project please visit 

Bereavement Rooms 

We have recently created a specialist bereavement room at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital – to allow families to spend a much precious time with their baby as they wish, in a comfortable, private room, supported by staff as required. We would now like to provide a similar room for families at St Mary's  

To support this project please visit or email for further information 


The needs for equipment on the neonatal units changes according to the current needs and other funds available. We have recently bought 4 sets of cooling equipment for the Winnicott Baby Unit and the neonatal unit at Queen Charlotte's Hospital costing £90,000.

There are some items of equipment that the neonatal service is currently looking at. If you are interested in supporting these, please contact us or speak to one of the neonatal consultants.

Developmental Care

The Winnicott Foundation supports the training of staff in developmental care as well as purchasing materials and equipment to support this innovative practice.

Other Items

Welcome cool bags are given to all new parents on the neonatal wards at St Mary's and Queen Charlotte's and include a toy for baby,  a little book, pen, ice packs and information on the charity.

Travel and accommodation costs for families

Funding internet connection for families

Clothing and items of comfort for babies, such as gel pillowsand 'zaky' hands


The charity supplies a variety of books for families and for staff in the unit.

Training Materials

The Winnicott Foundation funds specialist neonatal training for staff and has published a wonderful book ' Baby's come early' which explains to siblings why their baby brother or sister is premature.