Fundraise your way

Your fundraising can change the future of the 1,000 premature and sick babies born each year. We’re working hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for premature and sick babies. But without amazing supporters like you, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

From cooking up the ultimate party, taking your Fitbit to the highest level, to organising your own car rally, there are so many ways you can help The Winnicott Foundation. Pick your favourite activity and we will ensure it is an event to remember.

Personal Challenge

Why do it?

A sponsored quit, challenge or even a dramatic hair cut is a great way to test yourself and raise much-needed funds.

Remember, this is your personal challenge, so you decide how to test yourself. From giving up wine and favourite foods, to kicking a habit, fancy dress or growing a beard – there’s almost no limit to the ways you can choose to raise money.

An Hour’s Power

An hour of your time, can make a huge difference to the work we do and could help the outcome of a newborn’s very first hour. Whether you can give us an hour of your time, donate an hour’s pay or hold a fundraiser during your lunch hour, we would love to hear from you.