Fundraising tips

You have come to the perfect place for some tips on how to maximise your fundraising and some top advice!

Whatever you want to do, you’ll find everything you need in our fundraising guide. It’s full of ideas and inspiration, with a how-to guide on getting started with fundraising, sponsorship forms and much more. Order yours to get fundraising today!

Once you have decided on the type of event and date, make sure you let us know!  We are a small, friendly and dedicated team and we would love to support you in any way we can. Remember, we are just a phone call away, so please do contact Sam on 020 3312 6733, who will be delighted to help you.

Set up your Fundraising page

Once you have decided on your event, set up your fundraising page via JustGiving and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to get yourself set up and ready to receive donations!

Promote your event

You have done all the hard work – now is the time to get the word out about your event. The more, the merrier right?! Use the staff kitchen or congregate around the water cooler and tell your colleagues. If you are social media savvy, you can get in touch with your friends and family who we are sure, would love to hear about your event. The local media are also great ways to spread the word and get sponsorship.

Local press love hearing all about people in the community doing their bit for charity. By getting your fundraising featured in local press really helps raise awareness of The Winnicott Foundation and encourages even more people to sponsor you!

Give your local paper a call and ask to speak to the news desk – by doing this you will find out who to send your press release to. Be sure to include a great photo as it helps to grab the media’s attention

Press release tips

  1. All press releases must start with – For immediate release: day/date/month/year
  2. The headline should be short and informative. When a journalist is trawling through the numerous press releases they receive, a catchy headline will grab their attention.
  3. Be sure to include the five ‘W’s – who, what, where, when and why

Social Media Tips


More people visit JustGiving pages via Facebook than any other social media channels. Therefore, it is the best place to post links to your online fundraising page. When promoting your fundraising on Facebook make sure you;

  • like our Facebook page
  • tag The Winnicott Foundation in your posts so everyone can see the work we get up to in our support of the 1,000 premature and sick babies we look after each year
  • include your online fundraising page link when updating your status or posting news about your fundraising – this way all your friends will know where and how to support you
  • get your friends to share and ‘like’ your status
  • post photos or videos on your wall and ask as many of your friends to like them so more people will see the post on Facebook


Twitter is a fantastic place to give a big shout out about your fundraising. If your tweets are snappy and include interesting info – your post could spread fast with some retweets from your friends, family, employers and colleagues!

  • Tell everyone what you’re doing e.g. I’m fundraising for @Winnicott Foundation by…
  • include links such as your JustGiving page or any local press coverage – head on over to to shorten any links for Twitter
  • include photos or video to make your tweets super interesting

Not sure where to start? Or prefer to stay out of the limelight? Get in touch with us for help and advice!

The important bits

Whilst fundraising for The Winnicott Foundation, your safety is extremely important to us!

Remember – this list is not exhaustive. Think – is it safe, is it appropriate, is it legal? If you are unsure, give us a call on 0203 312 6673 or email

Do consider the following guidelines when fundraising for The Winnicott Foundation

  • Ensure that your event is organised efficiently and safely.
  • Get in contact with your local authority regarding whether you need any special licences, such as a public entertainment licence or a licence to sell alcohol
  • Make sure your event is sufficiently staffed including volunteers. If there are children at your event, please consider:
    • whether there is adequate adult supervision
    • carrying out background checks
  • When counting money at the end of the event or collection, ensure that there are two people present!
  • There are strict laws relating to raffles and lotteries which should be carefully followed. For full guidelines please check with your local authority or visit for more info.
  • Any street collection or a collection on public property needs to be registered with your local authority who will issue a collection licence. Anyone under 16 (or 18 in London) is not permitted to collect money on behalf of The Winnicott Foundation through a public collection.
  • The Winnicott Foundation cannot accept any accountability for your event, or anyone participating in it

Thank everyone!

Most importantly, don’t forget to thank everyone who contributed to or donated towards your event, and let them know how much you raised.

Most of all, please accept our most grateful thanks. We simply could not do what we do for premature and sick babies without the support of people like you. Thank you!

Paying in Donations


Please make cheques payable to The Winnicott Foundation and send them to:

The Winnicott Foundation

Sam Segal Unit

2nd Floor, Clarence Wing

London W2 1NY

Sending in your money

Please do not send cash through the post! If you collect money in cash at
your events or through a collection box then please pay it into your bank
account then send us a cheque for the full amount.

Please do call us if you would like our bank details to do a bank transfer.


The Winnicott Foundation will automatically receive the money raised via Justgiving and Virgin Money Giving on a monthly basis. Please note they do charge a small commission.


CAF cheques are usually used by individuals who donate to charities regularly, so please send them in to The Winnicott Foundation at the above address and we’ll process them.


If sending in money that can be gift aided, please ensure you include the sponsor form with full details of your donations, then we’ll calculate gift aid for you and add it to your total. Please ensure that everyone who donates, includes their full name and address, otherwise we will not be able to claim their gift aid.


Don’t forget, we’re here to help, so please keep in touch.